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Mortgage Financing Services

Ever-Long Finance Limited (“Ever-Long Finance”) was established in Hong Kong in 1993. With the rapid development of the Hong Kong property market, Ever-Long Finance mainly provides customers a broad spectrum of real estate-backed loans. Its professional team provides customers expert opinions and offer customers tailor made loan schemes. Whether the customer requires short-term working capital, funds for investing in property or business expansion Ever-Long Finance’s real-estate backed loans meet the requirements of customers. The repayment plans are customized with a short penalty period and an attractive interest rate, helping customers meet their budgets.

In relation to the mortgage financing business, the Directors of the Group have adopted a prudent strategy to minimize risks resulting from uncertainties in the market. With a strict credit control policy in place and backed by proper collaterals, the Board believes that the doubtful debts provision for the mortgage financing business will be maintained at an acceptable level.