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Message from the Founder

I am a common man from the grassroots neighborhood of Kowloon Walled City and Kwun Tong Kai Liu Village. When I was young, “Old Mr. Opportunity” waved at me. So, I met my wife, and we worked together to found Styland Holdings. When I came to a crossroad in developing my business, “Old Mr. Opportunity” waved at me again. So, my family stayed with me and grew up with Styland Holdings side by side. Once again on 18 June 2002, “Old Mr. Opportunity” waved at me. I was then able to take the load of Styland Holdings off my shoulder and enjoy a leisurely life.

Without good timing, the sun and the moon would be dim.

Without good timing, the land would be sterile.

Without good timing, the sea would be stormy.

Without good timing, a man would have a harsh way.

The success of a person is not defined by wealth, academic achievement or professional qualification. What matters most is whether you use these to contribute to society and how many people you have helped. From today onwards, “Old Mr. Opportunity” will always be here with me.