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Caring for the Environment

The Styland Group wholeheartedly cares about the environment and participates in a variety of environment protecting initiatives on an on-going basis. Over the past years, we have sponsored various programs geared towards caring for the environment. In 2015 and 2016, the Group had participated in the Lai See Recycle and Reuse Program organized by Greeners Action where the used Lai See envelopes were collected, sorted, repackaged and then redistributed to the general public and non-profit organizations for reuse. Another environment-friendly initiative that the Group has participated in is the WWF Hong Kong’s Earth Hour which the Group had participated in for 6 consecutive years from 2011 to 2016. For the WWF Hong Kong Earth Hour, our participating employees swtiched off the lights in their homes for one hour on a designated day. With respect to environmental conservation and education, in 2014, the Group participated in the Paper Mache Pandas Adoption Scheme. We took part in the Paper Mache Pandas Adoption Scheme by raising adoption fees for this scheme. The adoption fees raised were used by WWF to carry out conservation and education work.

Energy conservation and emission reduction are top priorities for the Group. As such, we have actively promoted these two important initiatives throughout our organization. To conserve energy around the office, employees are encouraged to switch off electrical appliances when those appliances are not in use. Furthermore, we make sure the air conditioners and lights are switched off after work.

Our employees are encouraged to reduce wastage and save energy. To this end, our employees have come up with a list of environmentally friendly ways to protect the environment and this list is posted at the office. Concurrently, we encourage our staff to purchase and use environmentally-friendly office supplies and place potted plants in their workspace to create a greener working environment. We also inspire our employees to utilize online computer platforms to reduce paper wastage.

To fulfill our responsibility to society and benefit the public, we support the Government’s call for environmental protection by reducing carbon emissions. In addition, we are continually promoting the awareness of environmental conservation in the workplace by reducing waste and saving energy.

To implement the ‘green office’ concept, the Group has adopted the recommendations provided by CLP and had posted these CLP guidelines at the office to teach employees the various ways to protect the environment.